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Hygiena EnSURE™ Monitoring System

BAX System PCR Testing

Hygiena ATP Surface Tests C UltraSnap™

Hygiena Indicator Organism Tests C MicroSnap™ Total Viable Count

AND MX-50 | Moisture Analyzer

AND GX-32K | GX-K Series Industrial Balance

AND GX-12K | GX-K Series Industrial Balance

AND EK-12Ki | EK-i Series Compact Balance

Atago RX-5000-Plus | Automatic Digital Refractometer [Code 3266]

Atago PAL- | Digital Hand-Held Pocket Refractometer [Code 3840]

Atago MASTER-53PM | Refractometer [Delivery: 4-6 weeks]

Atago - Automatic CO2 Brix Monitor CooRe [Code 9332]

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Climet CI-1070 | NextGen Portable Particle Counter

Climet CI-770 | NextGen Portable Particle Counter

Climet CI-570 | NextGen Portable Particle Counter

Climet CI-170 | NextGen Portable Particle Counter

Comark RF500AP - Gateway for RF500 Wireless Monitoring System (PoE Option)

Comark PDQ400 | Waterproof Pocket Digital Thermometer | -20C to +200C [Delivery: 3-5 days]

Comark KM14 | Dishwasher Thermometer | -20C to +200C [Delivery: 3-5 days]

Comark C9555 - Dry Use Pressure Meter 0 to 2100mbar [SKU 3059300]

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Cooper Atkins DFP450W - Digital Pocket Test with Temperature Alarm [Delivery: 3-5 days]

Cooper Atkins DPP400W - Waterproof Pen Style [Delivery: 3-5 days]

Cooper Atkins 1246-02C | -20/100C Pocket Test Thermometer [Delivery: 3-5 days]

Cooper Atkins 3270-05-5 | Kettle Deep-Fry Thermometer [Delivery: 3-5 days]

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DeltaTrak 20630 | High Temp Stainless Steel Data Logger with Flex Probe

DeltaTrak 20762 | FlashLink CT -80C In-Transit Logger

DeltaTrak 11047 | FlashCheck Digital Lollipop Min/Max Thermometer [Delivery: 3-5 days]

DeltaTrak 20629 | High Temp Stainless Steel Data Logger

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Leica | DISTO S910

Leica | DISTO D810 Touch

Leica | DISTO D510 [Delivery: 3-5 days subject to availability]

Leica | DISTO D2 [Delivery: 3-5 days subject to availability]

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Hydrion CM-240

Hydrion QT-10

Hydrion QT-40

Hydrion AM-40

Nissui Compact Dry TC [Total Counts] (240)

Nissui Compact Dry EC [E.coli, Coliform] (240)

Nissui Compact Dry YM [Yeast, Mold] (240)

Nissui Compact Dry SL [Salmonella] (240)

Randox | Evidence Investigator

Randox EV3694 | Synthetic Steroids Array

Randox EV3920 | Ractopamine Only Array (USDA Approved)

Randox EV3842 | Avermectins Only Array

Agitest Gluten

Agitest Peanut

Agitest Egg

Agitest Almond

Rheintacho | Digital Hand-Tachometer Rotaro

Rheintacho | RT STROBE pocketLED

Rheintacho | Digital Hand-Tachometer rotaro T

Rheintacho | RT STROBE pocketLED T

RQ-AAAX | RevealPRO 32 FOV with 4X Digital Zoom

LQ-AAAX | CompactPRO 32 FOV for iPhone

RT-ABAX | RevealXR FastFrame 20 FOV Pure Black

UQ-AAAX | CompactPRO 32 FOV for Android

TSC TS/6-61-250 | PreMoist Hygiene Swab in TSC Neutralising Buffer

TSC TS/5-48 | Swab Sampling Kit - 10ml Universal Neutralising Buffer

TSC TS/5-40 | Swab Sampling Kit - 5ml Neutralising Buffer

TSC TS/5-31 | Swab Sampling Kit - 5ml Liquid MRD

tempmate.®-M1 - Multi-Use Temperature Data Logger with Automatic PDF Analysis

tempmate.®-S1 - Single-Use Temperature Logger with Automatic PDF and CSV Report

tempmate.®-B1 - Mini Temperature Logger | -40C to +85C

tempmate.®-B2 - Mini Temperature Logger | -40C to +85C

Testo 270 - Cooking Oil Tester [SKU 0563 2750]

Testo 872 - Thermal Imager with App [SKU 0560 8721]

Testo 174 H - Temperature and Humidity Mini Data Logger [Delivery: 3-5 days]

testo Saveris 2-H1 - WiFi Data Logger with Display and Integrated Temperature and Humidity Probe [Delivery: 2-3 weeks]

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Viscotech Viscometer VR 3000 | Rotational Viscometer

Viscotech Viscometer VK 2000 | Krebs Viscometer

Viscotech Viscometer VP 1000 M | Portable Viscometer

Viscotech Viscometer VP 1000 R | Portable Viscometer


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