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Comark C12 | HACCP Food Thermometer [Delivery: 3-5 days]

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Comark SK21M | General Purpose Fast Response Surface Probe

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Comark FPP | Food Pro Plus IR Thermometer | IR: -35ˇăC to +275ˇăC / Probe: -40ˇăC to +200ˇăC [Delivery: 3-5 days]

Comark KM814FS | Infrared Food Thermometer with Laser Sighting | IR -30ˇăC to +200ˇăC [Delivery: 3-5 days]

Comark FP | Food Pro IR Thermometer | -30ˇăC to +200ˇăC [Delivery: 3-5 days]

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Comark PDQ400 | Waterproof Pocket Digital Thermometer | -20ˇăC to +200ˇăC [Delivery: 3-5 days]

Comark KM14 | Dishwasher Thermometer | -20ˇăC to +200ˇăC [Delivery: 3-5 days]

Comark P125W | Waterproof Pocketherm Folding Thermometer [Delivery: 3-5 days subject to availability]

Comark DT400 | Pocket Thermometer with Thin Tip | -20ˇăC to +200ˇăC [Delivery: 3-5 days]

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Comark DRF1 | Digital Refrigerator/Freezer Thermometer [Delivery: 3-5 days]

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Comark UTL264 - Kitchen Countdown Timer [Delivery: 3-5 days]

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