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Hygiena: Your Rapid Solution for Food Safety

04 Oct 2018


It's time to get more out of your food safety monitoring system!
Hygiena's EnSURE tests for hygiene 
monitoring, environmental microbiology, and product testing.

The EnSURE monitoring system is designed to be used for multiple quality and food safety tests. Users can use the system for ATP hygiene monitoring or have an expanded program that incorporates rapid microorganism tests for environmental monitoring and finished product testing.

ATP Surface Test

An all-in-one ATP sampling test used with EnSURE.

A clean production environment is a key component to producing safe, quality foods. By incorporating ATP monitoring into preoperative equipment inspection and changeover cleaning verification, quality personnel can confirm cleanliness in seconds!

Just Swab, Snap, & Squeeze

Learn more about UltraSnap here!


Indicator Organism Tests

Hygiena's MicroSnap™ platform bridges the time gap between ATP and bacterial culture results with convenient, 8-hour or less tests for:
· E. coli ·|· Coliform ·|· Enterobacteriaceae (EB) ·|· Total Viable Count (TVC) ·|· Listeria spp. ·

Learn more about MicroSnap tests here!

PCR Pathogen Tests

BAX® System X5 handles up to 32 samples for accurate, reliable pathogen detection. It uses Hygiena's advanced PCR technology to accurately and reliably identify foodborne pathogens in raw ingredients, finished products, and environmental samples.

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