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Type K

Testo 0554 0592 5-meter Extension Cable for TC Type K | Testo by Muser

Testo 0602 0646 Type K Temperature Sensor (PTFE)

Testo 0602 5792 Immersion Measuring Tip (TC Plug Type K)

Testo 0602 5693 Flexible Immersion Measuring Tip Probe

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Testo 0602 0645 Glass Fibre Type K Temperature Sensor

Testo 0602 1293 Waterproof Immersion/Penetration Probe

Testo 0602 0644 Glass Fibre Type K Temperature Sensor

Testo 0602 0993 | Fast-action, angled surface probe (TC type K)

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Testo 0628 0020 | Temperature probe with Velcro (TC Type K)

Testo 0628 0026 | Waterproof, superfast needle probe (TC type K)

Testo 0628 1292 | Waterproof, robust immersion/penetration probe (TC type K)

Testo 0628 7533 | Temperature probe with stainless steel sleeve (TC Type K)

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Testo 0628 9992 | Stable, robust surface probe (TC type K)

Testo 0602 2292 | Waterproof Stainless Steel Food Probe (TC type K)

Testo 0602 1993 | Surface Probe with Widened Measuring Tip (TC type K)

Testo 0572 9001 | Temperature probe with penetration tip (TC Type K)

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