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reaStripe 10

reaStripe 10 Professional

The Reatec reaStripe 10 professional temperature indicators are based on a self-adhesive aluminium strip of the highest quality, to which the temperature measuring points are applied.
This indicator is characterized by its robustness, very good temperature conductivity and flexibility.
In order to obtain the fastest and most accurate response time, the measuring points of reaStripe 10 professional are not covered.


041.SPX.10 Temperature Indicator (199 to 260C) | Reatec by Muser

004.SPX.10 Temperature Indicator (193 to 254C) | Reatec by Muser

03A.SPX.10 Temperature Indicator (166 to 216C) | Reatec by Muser

003.SPX.10 Temperature Indicator (138 to 188C) | Reatec by Muser

02A.SPX.10 Temperature Indicator (110 to 160C) | Reatec by Muser

002.SPX.10 Temperature Indicator (82 to 132C) | Reatec by Muser

01A.SPX.10 Temperature Indicator (54.4 to 104C) | Reatec by Muser

001.SPX.10 Temperature Indicator (37.8 to 77C) | Reatec by Muser

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