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Comark EVT2 | Multi-Use Temperature Logger [SKU 3059559]

Comark N2015 STARTERKIT | Multi-Parameter Data Logger [SKU 3617873]

Comark N2014 STARTERKIT | Multi-Sensor Temperature Data Logger [SKU 3617847]

Comark N2012 STARTERKIT | Multi-Channel Temperature Data Logger [SKU 3617781]


Comark C12 | HACCP Food Thermometer [Delivery: 3-5 days]

Comark KM28B | Thermocouple Food Thermometer (Type K) [SKU 3059840]

Comark C20 | Professional Food Thermometer [SKU 3613682]

Comark N9094 | Ultimate Food Thermometer

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Comark HT100 - HACCP Touch [SKU 4380240]


Comark N9005 | Industrial Thermometer [SKU 3060154]

Comark N9002 | Differential Thermometer [SKU 3329723]

Comark KM340 | Industrial Thermometer (Type K) [SKU 3100509]

Comark KM330 | Industrial Thermometer (Thermocouple Type K) [SKU 3078073]


Comark FPP | Food Pro Plus IR Thermometer | IR: -35C to 275C / Probe: -40C to 200C [Delivery: 3-5 days]

Comark KM814FS | Infrared Food Thermometer with Laser Sighting | IR -30C to 200C [Delivery: 3-5 days]

Comark FP | Food Pro IR Thermometer | -30C to 200C [Delivery: 3-5 days]

RM 881.00Add to CartRM 309.00Add to CartRM 489.00Add to Cart 


Comark PDQ400 | Waterproof Pocket Digital Thermometer | -20C to 200C [Delivery: 3-5 days]

Comark KM14 | Dishwasher Thermometer | -20C to 200C [Delivery: 3-5 days]

Comark BT125 | Bluetooth Pocketherm [Delivery: 3-5 days]

Comark P125W | Waterproof Pocketherm Folding Thermometer [Delivery: 3-5 days subject to availability]

RM 149.00Add to CartRM 119.00Add to CartRM 1,250.00Out of Stock

Comark C9555 - Dry Use Pressure Meter 0 to 2100mbar [SKU 3059300]

Comark C9551 - Dry Use Pressure Meter 0 to 140mbar [SKU 3059286]

Comark C9553 - Dry Use Pressure Meter 0 to 350mbar [SKU 3059299]

Comark C9557 - Dry Use Pressure Meter 0 to 7000mbar [SKU 3059317]

RM 2,316.00Add to CartRM 2,316.00Out of Stock

Comark PW200T | Thermometer Probe Wipes (10 tubs per carton)

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Comark RF500AP - Gateway for RF500 Wireless Monitoring System (PoE Option)

Comark RF500A - Gateway for RF500 Wireless Monitoring System

Comark RF516 - PT100 Wireless Temperature Transmitter

Comark RF512 - Wireless Temperature Transmitter

Comark DRF1 | Digital Refrigerator/Freezer Thermometer [Delivery: 3-5 days]

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Comark KM20REF C High Accuracy Reference Thermometer [SKU 3059794]

Comark KM820/VAL - Validation Calibration Check Unit [SKU 3059869]

Comark KM820/VKIT C Validator Calibration Check Kit [SKU 3059878]


Comark UTL882 - Kitchen Clock and Timer [SKU 3061050]

Comark UTL264 - Kitchen Countdown Timer [Delivery: 3-5 days]

Comark HLA1 - Cooking Timer [SKU 3059637]

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