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Testo 890-2 - Thermal Imaging Camera [SKU 0563 0890 V3]

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Testo 890-2 - Thermal Imaging Camera [SKU 0563 0890 V3] Thermal Imager Testo Testo 890-2 - Thermal Imaging Camera [SKU 0563 0890 V3] Thermal Imager Testo Testo 890-2 - Thermal Imaging Camera [SKU 0563 0890 V3] Thermal Imager Testo Testo 890-2 - Thermal Imaging Camera [SKU 0563 0890 V3] Thermal Imager Testo

testo 890-2 - Thermal Imaging Camera
  • testo 890-2 professional thermal imaging camera: resolution 640 x 480 pixels, with optional SuperResolution technology enhanced to 1280 x 960 pixels, thermal sensitivity < 40 mK
  • Wide field of view: 42° wide angle lens
  • Sequence memory in camera optional, humidity calculation, SiteRecognition, panorama image assistant, JPEG memory function, and many, many more practical features
  • Built-in digital camera, optional interchangeable lens, many more features, delivery includes rugeed case, memory card, professional software, etc.
With the thermal imager testo 890-2, you are ideally equipped for both professional industrial thermography as well as for building thermography: for inspection of power plants, high temperature measurement, circuit board analysis, control of solar panel systems, complete building thermography, energy consulting among others.
Product Description
The testo 890-2 thermal imaging camera ensures that you are excellently equipped for:
  • Carrying out safe high temperature measurements
  • Analysing building shells at a single glance
  • Performing routine inspections as part of electrical maintenance checks
  • Showing critical temperatures on circuit boards
  • Giving detailed energy advice
  • Analysing energy distribution systems
All important info on the testo 890-2 thermal imaging camera
  • Up to 307,200 temperature measuring points
  • Large detector size: 640 x 480 pixels for pinpoint detection
  • Superior image quality: SuperResolution technology enhanced quality to 1280 x 960 pixels!
  • Thermal sensitivity < 40 mK: shows even the tiniest temperature variations
  • Thermal images can also be saved as JPEG
  • Process analysis package (optional): a combination of fully radiometric video and sequence storage in the camera enables you to carry out cable free measurements making it infinitely easier to handle the camera
  • Camcorder design with handstrap and tilt/swivel display for easier imaging. Allows you to operate the camera comfortably with one hand operation and take images from numerous different angles
  • 42° wide angle lens for larger field of view
  • Panorama image assistant: individual images are combined directly to create a panorama image. This allows you to capture the whole shell of a building, for example, without having to laboriously put together or analyze individual images
  • SiteRecognition technology: the thermal imaging camera recognizes measuring sites immediately in case of similar measuring objects, matches them automatically and archives them accordingly
  • Optional high temperature measurements up to 2,192 °F: The high temperature option allows you to increase the measuring range flexibly up to 2,192 °F
  • Special measuring mode for detecting places where mold can grow easily. Enter the air temperature and RH manually to calculate the dew point in the room. The surface temperature that the camera has measured is then compared to the dew point value that has just been determined. The risk of mold is shown on the display in traffic light colors (red/amber/green). It’s even easier with the optional humidity sensor: because the air temperature and humidity are transferred automatically, there is no need to enter these values
  • Voice annotations (as comments on the images) with headset possible, headset included
  • Onboard digital camera with power LEDs for perfectly illuminated real images to go with each of your thermal images. Makes documenting and correlating the images much easier
  • Autofocus for convenient one-hand camera use and fewer blurred images
  • Interchangeable lenses (i.e. for use with the optional telephoto)
  • Minimum focus distance 4 in.
Wide range of accessories included in scope of supply
In addition to the testo 890-2 thermal imager the following accessories are included:
  • Rugged case for thermal imaging camera
  • Pro-software for analyzing images on PC
  • Shoulder strap for thermal imaging camera
  • SD memory card
  • USB cable for data transfer to PC
  • Lens cloth
  • Power adaptor
  • Li-Ion battery
  • Headset for voice annotations
Technical Data

Infrared image output
Infrared resolution 640 x 480 pixels
Focus auto / manual
Image refresh rate 33 Hz
SuperResolution (IFOV) 0.71 mrad (Tele: 0.26 mrad)
SuperResolution (Pixel) 1280 x 960 pixels
Geometric resolution (IFOV) 1.13 mrad (Tele: 0.42 mrad)
Minimum focus distance 0.1 m (Tele: 0.5 m)
Field of view 42° x 32°
Thermal sensitivity ˂ 40 mK at +30 °C
Image output visual
Image size 3.1 MP
Minimum focus distance 0.5 m
Image presentation
Display type 4.3'' LCD touchscreen with 480 x 272 pixels
Display option IR image / real image
Number of colours 8
Colours 8 (iron, rainbow, cold-hot, blue-red, grey, inverted grey, sepia, Testo)
Video output USB 2.0
Measuring range -30 to +100°C; 0 to +350 °C (switchable); 0 to +650 °C (switchable)
High temperature measuring +350 to +1200 °C
Accuracy ±2 °C, ±2 % of m.v. (±3 °C of m.v. at -30 to -22 °C)
Reflected temperature manual
Transmission correction Included
Accuracy high temperature ±2 °C, ±2 % of m.v.
Measuring function
Surface moisture distribution Included
Humidity measurement Optional
Solar mode – manual Included
Analysis function 10_measurement_points_isotherms
Imager equipment
Digital camera Included
Process analysis package Optional
Video measurement up to 3 measurement points
Voice recording Bluetooth****/wired headset
Laser Laser marker
Panorama image assistant Included
SiteRecognition Included
Exchangeable lenses 15° x 11°
Standard lens 42° x 32°
Interface Labview; free download from hompage
Imager storage
File format image .bmt; export option in .bmp; .jpg; .png; .csv; .xls
File format video .wmv; .mpeg-1; Testo format (fully radiometric video)
Storage device SD cart 2GB (approx. 1500 - 2000 images)
Power supply
Battery type Fast-charging, Li-ion battery can be changed on-site
Operating time 4.5 h
Charging options In instrument / charger (optional)
Mains operation yes
Ambient Condition
Storage temperature -30 °C; 60 °C
Operating temperature -15 °C; 50 °C
Air humidity 20 to 80 % RH non-condensing
Housing protection class IP54
Vibration 2G
Physical specification
Weight 1,630 g
Dimensions 253 x 132 x 111 mm
Tripod mounting 1/4'' - 20UNC
Housing ABS
PC software
System requirements Windows XP (Service Pack 3); Windows Vista; Windows 7 (Service Pack 1); Windows 8; Interface: USB 2.0
Standards, tests, warrenty
EU-/EG-guidelines 2004/108/EG
Warranty 2 years
Checking as part of electrical maintenance
In electrical installations or cables, increased temperatures are always an indication of an overload, an imminent malfunction or an existing defect. Testo thermal imagers facilitate evaluation of the heat status of low, medium and high-voltage systems. Thermographic images lead to the early detection of defective components or connections, so that the necessary preventive measures can be introduced in a targeted way. Thermography therefore minimizes dangerous fire risks and prevents costly production downtimes.
Typical applications for the thermal imager:
  • Checking switch cabinets
  • Checking electrical connections 
  • Monitoring and checking photovoltaic systems 
  • Checking as part of mechanical maintenance
Analysis of power distribution systems
Avoiding the failure of power distribution systems is absolutely essential due to the far-reaching consequences. Faulty connections on high voltage masts can be particularly critical here. These transitions to high-voltage lines, which sometimes occur at great distances, can only be clearly identified with a sufficiently large detector or a telephoto lens. This is the only way to obtain the necessary degree of detail to enable error-free analysis of the thermal image.
Analysing building shells at a glance
The task of taking thermal images of large buildings poses several challenges for users. Spatial restrictions due to walls, roads or safety zones around neighbouring buildings can make it impossible to capture the measuring object in a single image. In such cases, Testo thermal imagers help users obtain the necessary overview. The panorama image assistant can be used to combine several images of the building shell taken at close range into a single thermal image. Users can therefore identify thermal irregularities at a glance across the entire building shell with a high degree of detail.
Providing comprehensive energy advice
In building thermography, infrared technology is particularly suitable for quick and effective analysis of energy losses in buildings’ heating or air conditioning systems. Thanks to their high temperature resolution, Testo thermal imagers provide detailed images of inadequate insulation and thermal bridges. They are ideal for the recording and documentation of energy losses on outer windows and doors, roller blind casings, radiator niches, in roof structures or the entire building shell. Testo thermal imagers are the perfect measuring tool for comprehensive diagnosis and maintenance uses, and whenever providing energy consultation services.
Making it possible to see critical temperatures on circuit boards precisely
In the field of research and development, thermal imagers are also used for the targeted analysis of temperature distribution, e. g. on circuit boards. Electronic components on circuit boards are getting smaller and smaller – thus increasing the challenges with regard to heat dissipation. Only premium-quality thermal imagers with a really fine geometric resolution are suitable for this task. Analysis of the heating and cooling behaviour over time is also helpful for optimisation and this can be carried out using the Testo thermal imager's video measurement
Product Brochures

Product brochure testo 890  (PDF, 428.5 kB)
IRSoft Brochure   (PDF, 1.6 MB)
Product brochure testo 890  (PDF, 5.604 KB)
Data sheet testo 890  (PDF, 406 KB)

Instruction manual testo 890  (PDF, 3.122 kB)
Short manual testo 885/890  (PDF, 1.8 MB)
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