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Atago MASTER-80H | Refractometer (Automatic Temperature Compensation & Water Resistant) [Delivery: 3-5 days]

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Atago MASTER-80H | Refractometer (Automatic Temperature Compensation & Water Resistant) [Delivery: 3-5 days] Brix Hand-Held Refractometers Atago
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SKU: 2364
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Refractometer (Automatic Temperature Compensation & Water Resistant) MASTER-80H
MASTER-80H is heat resistant model of the MASTER-Series. The MASTER-80H is the successor model of the conventional model H-80. The MASTER-80H is developed for measuring high-temperature samples at their respective production sites. Moreover, the MASTER-80H has a longer service life as compared with conventional types because its prism is made of corrosion resisting tempered glass. The MASTER-80H is best for measuring jam, marmalade candies, etc. 

*Calibration with the 30% Sucrose Solution (RE-110030), 40% Sucrose Solution (RE-110040), 50% Sucrose Solution (RE-110050), 60% Sucrose Solution (RE-110060) or Standard liquid LK (RE-99010).

Model MASTER-80H 
Cat.No. 2364
Scale Brix
Measurement Range Brix : 30.0 to 80.0%
(Automatic Temperature Compensation)
Minimum Scale Brix : 0.5%
Measurement Accuracy Brix : ±0.5% (10 to 40C)
Repeatability Brix : ±0.25%
International Protection Class IP65 (except eye piece)
Dust-tight and Protected against water jets.
Dimensions & Weight 3.2 x 3.4 x 16.8cm, 130g

  • 30% Sucrose (±0.03%) : RE-110030
  • 40% Sucrose (±0.04%) : RE-110040
  • 50% Sucrose (±0.05%) : RE-110050
  • 60% Sucrose (±0.05%) : RE-110060
  • Standard liquid LK : RE-99010
  • Daylight plate for small volume samplings : RE-2311-58M

  • Daylight plate : RE-2315-60M
Catalog Download (1.90MB)

Atago Hand-Held Refractometers MASTER Series
This new type of Hand-held Refractometer MASTER functions such as Easy-to-Read, Easy-to-Hold, Smooth sampling, Easy disposal of sample from the edge, the improvement of hygiene aspect by employing the new type of grip, and well-balanced structure, emphasis is also placed on its design, well exemplified by the streamlined body and the strong grip with rich texture.
Protection class of the MASTER-α, H series are IP65. You can rinse off the sample by running water on the prism. The design allows the user to easily wipe off the sample.
Sample size 2-3drops.
The Automatic Temperature Compensation function of the MASTER-α, T, H series enables you to take measurement readings regardless of the ambient temperature.
Automatic Sample Distribution (ASD)
New prism housing design allows for sample to cover the prism without having to lift the day-light plate! This design will allow forfast & easy measurements.
Convenient Storage case.
The MASTER series has been improved with a clearer, brighter field of view and made even easier to carry.
  • Compact Redesign of the MASTER Series (from October 2014)
  • The MASTER series has been improved with a clearer, brighter field of view and made even easier to carry. 
  • These improvements in our newly compact redesigned models are especially clear when taking measurements in dim lighting, or measuring darkly-colored samples. Even when measuring milky-colored, opaque, or oily samples, the boundary line remains crisp and clear. 
Note: The size of the scale has changed. It may take some time to re-adjust to the new field of view when reading measurements.

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