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BAX System Real-Time PCR STEC Assay

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BAX System Real-Time PCR STEC Assay PCR Pathogen Tests Hygiena BAX System Real-Time PCR STEC Assay PCR Pathogen Tests Hygiena BAX System Real-Time PCR STEC Assay PCR Pathogen Tests Hygiena

Hygiena | BAX® System Real-Time PCR STEC Assay
The STEC (Shiga toxin E. coli) screening assay detects virulence genes stx and eae to clear negative samples quickly and cost-effectively. Using the same lysate, panel assays determine if positive screening samples contain one of the top six serogroups of non-O157 Shiga toxin-producing E. coli. Use the power of real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to detect these harmful bacteria in food and other samples with certainty. Configured for convenience, the AOAC-certified BAX System Real-Time PCR STEC Assay provides all the components needed for PCR. You can minimize operator handling and improve easy of use, decreasing false positives as well as the need for re-testing. 
  • Speedy, accurate, reliable results help you make confident product decisions
  • Simplified DNA extraction - no seperate cell concentration steps
  • PCR tablets are conveniently packages in individual PCR tubes to provide consistency, stability, and reduced chance of operator error
  • Screening assay detects combination of STEC virulence genes (stx and eae) to quickly clear negatives
  • Two panel assays identify which of the top six STEC serogroups, if any, are present
  • Single stage enrichment in as little as 9 hours for some food types
  • All three assays use the same lysate - no need for additional sample prep between tests
  • Identical sample prep and real-time cycling conditions let you detect STEC and E. Coli 0157:H7 in the same batch

  • Real-time
  • Targets: 
    • stx and eae genes - STEC Screening
    • E. coli O26, O111, O121 - STEC Panel 1
    • E. coli O45, O103, O145 - STEC Panel 2
  • Matrices: Raw ground beef, beef trim, produce
  • Enrichment time: 9-12 hours, depending on food type, sample volume and enrichment media
  • PCR time: 55 minutes
  • Detection level: 10^4 cfu/mL, after enrichment
  • Validations:
    • AOAC Research Institute - Performance Tested Method #091301 - validated on raw ground beef, ground beef with soy, and beef trim
Catalog No.
Legacy Order Code Hygiena Product Code Description Quantity
D14642964 KIT2021 STEC Screening 96 tests per kit
D14642970 KIT2008 STEC Panel 1 48 tests per kit
D14642987 KIT2009 STEC Panel 2 48 tests per kit
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