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Anton Paar ViscoQC 300 | Rotational Viscometer

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Anton Paar ViscoQC 300 | Rotational Viscometer Viscometer Anton Paar Anton Paar ViscoQC 300 | Rotational Viscometer Viscometer Anton Paar

Anton Paar Rotational Viscometer ViscoQC 300
The Game Changer
Developed for a wide range of applications, ViscoQC 300 ensures the quality of your substance – from almost any fluid to semi-solid samples – by delivering fully traceable viscosity results right at your fingertip. Starting from a multi-point viscosity measurement for your respective purpose, your system is upgradeable with compliance (21 CFR Part 11) and/or additional analysis software to also meet your future needs. Further improve your process with the optional sample bar code scanner and data processing via LIMS Bridge software. 
Innovation and quality – this is what ViscoQC 300 stands for.
Key Features
  • Touch viscometer up for immediate start-up right out of the box
  • Unpack and measure right away as ViscoQC 300 is already assembled when delivered
  • Intuitive alignment check: Built-in digital leveling ensures correct instrument alignment
  • Relative spindles (L, RH) according to ISO 2555 included in standard delivery
  • Optional DIN and vane spindles available to fit to your applications
  • Keep your workspace tidy by positioning up to 7 spindles in the spindle rack
  • Fast and simple set-up to reach fully traceable viscosity quality control
  • Built-in magnetic coupling: for easy attachment/exchange of spindles
  • Automatic spindle recognition: Toolmaster™ prevents spindle selection errors
  • Automatic guard detection: TruGuard™ documents whether a guard is attached or not
  • Simplify daily routines by connecting a keypad and mouse to ViscoQC 300
  • Control sample temperature with a thermostatic bath (ambient to +100 °C)
  • Monitor your sample temperature with a Pt100 sensor (-60 °C to +300 °C)
  • Designed to get outstanding results in multi-point viscosity checks
  • Auto speed function: unique TruMode™ finds best speed to measure unkown samples
  • 7” color touch screen with intuitive user interface and pre-defined methods
  • User calibration: Spindle correction factor storable on Toolmaster™
  • Customize your methods with QC-limit function, user instructions, and more
  • Control your measurements either by speed or by shear rate
  • Increase sample throughput using disposable aluminum cups (D18)
  • Prolonged spindle lifetime thanks to high chemical resistance of stainless steel AISI 316L
  • Conveniently manage sample data and dynamic viscosity results
  • Easy input of sample data to the instrument by optional barcode scanner
  • Transfer your data to your network by LIMS Bridge to further process it
  • Directly export results from instrument data storage as pdf or csv
  • Free V-Collect data collection software included in every standard delivery
  • DYMO® LabelWriter™ for direct printout after measurement
  • Print results from ViscoQC 300 to a page printer (USB or network)
  • Future-proof ViscoQC 300 with upgradable software packages
  • Graph and analysis software (V-Curve) adds to your stand-alone instrument:
  • Online graph for live measurement data
  • Mathematical models 
  • Programmability of up to 50 steps
  • Yield method (with vane spindles)
  • Compliance software (V-Comply) to fulfill regulations of 21 CFR Part 11:
  • Audit trail, electronic signature
  • Password access and complexity
  • Customize users/user groups
  • Restrict use of spindles through Toolmaster™
  • Each delivery includes free Pharma Qualification Package (PQP)
  • Rapid worldwide support for your viscosity meter guaranteed
  • Get 3 years instead of 1: With our exclusive extended warranty program
  • Lowest downtime in case of repair thanks to at-site exchangeable sensor
  • Automatic bearing check by TruSine™ to avoid manual windup procedure
  • Every delivery includes free installation and operational qualification document
  • Rapid support ensured
Technical Specifications

  ViscoQC 300
  L R H
Viscosity test Multi Point point
Viscosity range [mPa.s]
(depends on the measuring system)
1* to 6M 10** to 40M 60*** to 320M
Speed [rpm] 0.01 to 250
Max. spring torque [mNm] 0.0673 0.7187 5.7496
Accuracy ±1.0 % full scale range
Repeatability ±0.2 %
*    With optional double-gap system DG26, with L1 spindle 15 mPa.s 
**  With optional double-gap system DG26, with RH1 spindle 100 mPa.s 
*** With optional double-gap system DG26, with RH1 spindle 800 mPa.s
M=1 million

ViscoQC is a registered trademark of Anton Paar (EM 01062030)

  • ASTM D115, ASTM D789, ASTM D1076, ASTM D1084, ASTM D1337, ASTM D1338, ASTM D1417, ASTM D1439, ASTM D1824, ASTM D2196, ASTM D2243, ASTM D2364, ASTM D2556, ASTM D3288, ASTM D3468, ASTM D3716, ASTM D3730, ASTM D3794, ASTM D4016, ASTM D4143, ASTM D4878, ASTM D4889, ASTM D5324, ASTM D5400, ASTM D6279, ASTM D6577, ASTM D7394, ASTM D8020, ASTM E2975, ASTM F1607
  • BS 5350
  • DIN 2555, DIN 3219, DIN 52007-1, DIN 53019-1, DIN 54453
  • EN 302-7, EN 10301, EN 12092, EN 12802, EN 15425, EN 15564
  • ISO 1652, ISO 2555, ISO 2884-2, ISO 3219, ISO 10364-12
  • Ph. Eur. 2.2.10 - Rotating viscometer method
  • USP 912 Rotating viscometer method

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