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Testo 0646 0074 | testoterm - Mini indicators ( 116 to 138 ˇăC)

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Testo 0646 0074 | testoterm - Mini indicators ( 116 to  138 ˇăC) Temperature Measuring Strip Temperature Testo

Testo 0646 0074 testoterm - Mini indicators (+116 to +138 °C)
  • Measuring range +116 °C to +138 °C
  • Self-adhesive mini indicators for temperature monitoring
  • Colour change within 2 to 3 seconds if limit value is exceeded
  • Ideal for monitoring the temperature of moving or small objects and for extended monitoring 
The self-adhesive testoterm mini indicators can be affixed to the measurement object and change colour in response to temperature increases within 2 to 3 seconds.
Product Description
Mini temperature indicators are self-adhesive, temperature-sensitive films that respond to certain temperature increases by changing colour. They are ideal for monitoring the temperature of products and processes where a specific temperature must not be exceeded, e.g. for moving or small objects or for extended monitoring.

Using mini indicators

The mini temperature indicators are supplied in a book of 10. Just like stickers, they can be easily removed from the book and affixed on the measurement object.

As soon as a certain temperature point is exceeded, the mini indicator changes colour at the relevant points within 2 to 3 seconds.

The colour change is permanent: once the temperature has been exceeded, the mini indicator will not change back to neutral even if the temperature drops again. This means that critical temperature increases can be identified even after an extended period.

Are you looking for mini indicators for temperature monitoring in other temperature ranges? We have additional products available to cover the following measuring ranges:
  • +60 to +82 °C
  • +88 to +110 °C
  • +143 to +166 °C
  • +171 to +193 °C
  • +199 to +224 °C
Delivery Scope

testoterm mini indicators for the measuring range +116 °C to +138 °C, available in books of 10.
Technical Data

Measuring range +116 to +138 °C
Accuracy ±(1 °C + 1 % of mv)
General technical data
Dimensions ø 15 mm
Operating temperature +116 to +138 °C
Product colour Blue
Storage temperature max. +25 °C ¹⁾
1) Storage in refrigerator is recommended. The maximum transportation temperature is +25 °C and may not be exceeded. Storage up to 2 years.
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