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Testo 0635 1032 | Hot wire probe (digital) - including temperature sensor, wired

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Testo 0635 1032 | Hot wire probe (digital) - including temperature sensor, wired NTC External Probes Testo

Testo 0635 1032 | Hot wire probe (digital) - including temperature sensor, wired

Product Description

Use the hot wire probe with the compatible testo multifunction measuring instrument (please order separately) to determine air velocity, volume flow and air temperature.

Hot wire probe – features

Use the fixed cable to connect the hot wire probe to the measuring instrument.

The probe is equipped with a telescope, which can be extended to a maximum length of 0.85 m. To ensure accurate measurement results, air density compensation is carried out via the integrated absolute pressure measurement.

The clearly structured measurement menu for volume flow makes the measuring instrument intuitive to operate. The volume flow is precisely calculated thanks to convenient input of the size and geometry of the duct cross-section. Timed and multi-point mean calculation, average volume flow, current reading and min./max. values are displayed in the measuring instrument.

Integrated sensor protection: when you are not using the hot wire probe, the rotatable protective cap protects the air velocity sensor from dirt and mechanical stress.

Intelligent calibration concept

You will get exceptionally accurate measurement results with the digital probe, because the measuring instrument makes measurement uncertainty a thing of the past. You only need to send the probe in for calibration – so the measuring instrument remains in continuous use.

Areas of application for the hot wire probe

Ventilation ducts: Use the hot wire probe to measure air velocity and air temperature in ventilation ducts with reliability. Benefit from fast calculation of the volume flow: in the “volume flow” measurement menu of the compatible measuring instrument (please order separately), configure the dimensions and geometry of the duct cross-section – the measuring instrument shows you the volume flow straight away.

Delivery Scope

Hot wire probe (Ø 9 mm) with fixed cable (length 1.7 m) including temperature sensor, with telescope (can be extended to 0.85 m) and calibration protocol.

Technical Data

Temperature - NTC
Measuring range -20 to +70 °C
Accuracy ±0.5 °C
Resolution 0.1 °C
Absolute Pressure
Measuring range +700 to +1100 hPa
Accuracy ±3.0 hPa
Resolution 0.1 hPa
Velocity - Hot wire
Measuring range 0 to 30 m/s
Accuracy ±(0.03 m/s + 4 % of mv)
(0 to 20 m/s)
±(0.5 m/s + 5 % of mv)
(20.01 to 30 m/s)
Resolution 0.01 m/s
General technical data
Storage temperature -20 to +70 °C
Weight 90 g
Dimensions 315 x 12 x 12 mm
Operating temperature -20 to +70 °C
Cable length 1.7 m
Length telescope 850 mm
Probe head diameter 9 mm
Diameter telescope 12 mm
Product colour Black; silver
Diameter probe shaft 12 mm


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