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Surftest SJ-210 Portable Surface Roughness Tester

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Surftest SJ-210 Portable Surface Roughness Tester Surftest Mitutoyo Surftest SJ-210 Portable Surface Roughness Tester Surftest Mitutoyo
RM 10,892.00RM 8,800.00
SKU: 178-561-11E
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Mitutoyo SJ-210 Surftest Portable Surface Roughness Tester
Standard drive unit, (0.75 mN type)
SKU: 178-561-11E
Performs brilliantly in many situations such as in the quality control room, on the factory floor and on the production line.

With the SJ-210 Series...

You can measure while checking roughness from the waveform!


With the SJ-210 Series...

You don't have to carry large, heavy workpieces because you can measure it on site!

Lightweight and compact, you can measure any side without trouble!



With the SJ-210 Series...

Anyone can measure skidded* measurements easily!

*Measurement method where leveling of the measurement surface is simplified since displacement is measured relative to the ''skid'' that follows the workpiece surface.



Type of detector Standard drive unit type
Model No. SJ-210
(0.75 mN type)
Order No. 178-561-11E
Measuring range X axis 16.0 mm
Z axis (Detector) Range 360 μm (-200 μm to +160 μm)
Range/ Resolution 360 μm/0.02 μm
100 μm/0.006 μm
25 μm/0.002 μm
Measuring speed When measuring: 0.25 mm/s, 0.5 mm/s, 0.75 mm/s
When returning: 1 mm/s
Measuring force/Stylus tip 0.75 mN/2 μmR 60°
Skid force 400 mN or less
Applicable standards JIS ’82/JIS ’94/JIS ’01/ISO ’97/ANSI/VDA
Assessed profiles Primary profile, Roughness profile, DF profile, Roughness profile-Motif
Parameters Ra, Rc, Ry, Rz, Rq, Rt, Rmax*1 , Rp, Rv, R3z, Rsk, Rku, Rc, RPc, Rsm, Rz1max*2, S, HSC, RzJIS*3, Rppi, RΔa, RΔq, Rlr, Rmr, Rmr(c), Rδc, Rk, Rpk, Rvk, Mr1, Mr2, A1, A2, Vo, Rpm, tp*4, Htp*4, R, Rx, AR, Possible Customize
Graph analysis Bearning area curve, Amplitude distribution curve
Filters Gaussian, 2CR75, PC75
Cut off length λc 0.08, 0.25, 0.8, 2.5 mm
λs*5 2.5, 8 μm
Sampling length 0.08, 0.25, 0.8, 2.5 mm
Number of sampling lengths ×1, ×2, ×3, ×4, ×5, ×6, ×7, ×8, ×9, ×10,
arbitrary length (0.3 to 16.0 mm: 0.01 mm interval)
LCD dimensions 36.7×48.9 mm
Display languages Japanese, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Turkish, Swedish, Dutch
Measurement result display Vertical display: 1-parameter display/3-parameter display/Trace display
Horizontal display: 1-parameter display/4-parameter display/Trace display (Horizontal display is invertible)
Printing function*6
(Dedicated printer is required separately)
Measurement conditions/Calculation results/GO/NG judgement result/Calculation results for each sampling length/ Assessed profile/Bearing area curve/Amplitude distribution curve/Environment setting information
External I / O USB I / F, Digimatic Output, Printer Output, RS-232C I / F, Foot SW I / F
Functions Customization Desired parameters can be selected for calculation and display
GO/NG judgment*7 By max value/16 %/Standard deviation
Storage of measurement condition Save the conditions at power OFF
Storage Internal memory: Measurement condition (10 sets)
Memory card (optional): 500 measurement conditions, 10000 measured profiles, 500 display images
Text file (Measurement conditions / Measured profile / Assessed profile / Bearing area curve / Amplitude distribution curve)
Calibration Auto-calibration with the entry of numerical value /
Average calibration with multiple measurement (Max. 5 times) is available
Power-saving function Auto-sleep off function (10-600 sec)*8
Power supply Two-way power supply: battery (rechargeable Ni-MH battery) and AC adapter
Note 1: Charging time: about 4 hours (may vary due to ambient temperature)
Note 2: Endurance: about 1000 measurements (differs slightly due to use conditions / environment)
Size (W×D×H) Display unit 52.1×65.8×160 mm (sliding cover closed, detector not mounted)
Drive unit 115×23×26 mm (detector not mounted)
Mass About 500 g (Display unit + Drive unit + Standard detector)
Standard accessories 12BAA303 Connecting cable*9
178-601 Roughness specimen (Ra 3 μm)
12BAR344 Carrying case
12BAK700 Calibration stage
Protective sheets for display, AC Adapter, Operation manual, Quick reference manual, Warranty
*1 Calculation is available only when selecting the VDA, ANSI, or JIS '82 standard.
*2 Calculation is available only when selecting the ISO '97 standard.
*3 Calculation is available only when selecting the JIS '01 standard.
*4 Calculation is available only when selecting the ANSI standard.
*5 Not available when selecting the JIS '82 standard.
*6 Order the SJ-210 printer (178-421, optional accessory) separately.
*7 Standard deviation only can be selected in ANSI. 16 % rule cannot be selected in VDA.
*8 Auto-sleep function is invalid when AC adaptor is used.
*9 For connecting the calculation display unit and drive unit.
Note 1: Refer to pages 18 to 19 for details about consumables and options.
Note 2: To denote your AC line voltage add the following suffixes (e.g. 178-560-11A).
             A for 120 V, C for 100 V, D for 230 V, E for 230 V (for UK), DC for 220 V (for China), K for 220 V (for Korea)

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