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Surftest SJ-410 Compact Surface Roughness Tester | Mitutoyo by Muser

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Surftest SJ-410 Compact Surface Roughness Tester | Mitutoyo by Muser Surftest Mitutoyo Surftest SJ-410 Compact Surface Roughness Tester | Mitutoyo by Muser Surftest Mitutoyo

Mitutoyo SJ-410 | Compact Surface Roughness Tester

  • Equipped with a large, touch-screen color graphic LCD to achieve both intuitive operation and high operability.
  • Skidded and skidless measurement are switchable to perform optimum evaluation according to the measurement setup.
  • A wide-range, high-resolution detector and a very accurate drive unit provide superior high- accuracy measurement in its class.
  • Simplified contour analysis (Step, Step quantity, Area, Coordinate difference) is available using the point cloud data collected to evaluate the surface roughness.
  • Allows the evaluation of detailed shapes that cannot be achieved by contour measuring instruments.
  • Allows the evaluation of surface roughness in a circumferential direction using the skidless measurement and R-surface compensation functions.
  • Conforms to the latest ISO standard and ANSI / VDA standard in addition to the JIS standard (2001 / 1994 / 1982).
  • Achieves the performance of a desktop type surface roughness tester in combination with the simplified stand and associated optional accessories.
Technical Specifications

Model No. SJ-411 SJ-412
Order No. mm 178-580-11 178-580-12 178-582-11 178-582-12
inch / mm 178-581-11 178-581-12 178-583-11 178-583-12
Measuring range X axis 25 mm 50 mm
Z axis (detector) 800 μm, 80 μm, 8 μm Up to 2,400 μm when using an optional stylus.
Detector Detection method Differential inductance
Resolution 0.0125 μm (800 μm range), 0.00125 μm (80 μm range), 0.000125 μm (8 μm range)
Stylus tip shape (Angle/Radius) 60°/2 μm 90°/5 μm 60°/2 μm 90°/5 μm
Measuring force 0.75 mN 4 mN 0.75 mN 4 mN
Radius of skid curvature 40 mm
Measuring methods Skidless/Skidded (switchable)
Drive unit (X axis) Measuring speed 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1.0 mm/s
Drive speed 0.5, 1, 2, 5 mm/s
Straightness 0.3 μm/25 mm 0.5 μm/50 mm
Up / down inclination unit Vertical travel 10 mm
Inclination adjustment angle ±1.5°
Applicable standards JIS 1982/JIS 1994/JIS 2001/ISO 1997/ANSI/VDA
Parameter Ra, Rq, Rz, Ry, Rp, Rv, Rt, R3z, Rsk, Rku, Rc, RPc, RSm, Rmax*1, Rz1max*2, S, HSC, RzJIS*3, Rppi, RΔa, RΔq, Rlr, Rmr, Rmr(c), Rσc, Rk, Rpk, Rvk, Mr1, Mr2, A1, A2, Vo, λa,λq, Lo, Rpm, tp*4, Htp*4, R, Rx, AR, W, AW, Wx, Wte Customizable
Filtered profile Primary profile, Roughness profile, DF profile, Waviness profile, Roughness motif profile, Waviness motif profile
Analysis graph Material ratio curve, Profile height amplitude distribution curve
Data compensation functions Parabola, Hyperbola, Ellipse, Circle, Tilt, No compensation
Filter 2CR, PC75, Gaussian
Cutoff value λc 0.08, 0.25, 0.8, 2.5, 8 mm
λs *5 2.5, 8, 25 μm
Sampling length 0.08, 0.25, 0.8, 2.5, 8, 25 mm
Number of intervals ×1, ×2, ×3, ×4, ×5, ×6, ×7, ×8, ×9, ×10, ×11, ×12, ×13, ×14, ×15, ×16, ×17, ×18, ×19, ×20
Arbitrary length 0.1 to 25 mm 0.1 to 50 mm
Calculation display unit Customization Selection of display/evaluation roughness parameter
Simplified contour analysis function Step, Step quantity, Area, Coordinate difference
D.A.T. (Digimatic Adjustment Table) function Helps to level workpiece prior to skidless measurement
Real sampling function Inputs the displacement of the detector while stopping the drive unit
Statistical processing Calculates the maximum value, minimum value, average value, standard deviation, pass rate and histogram for each parameter.
Judgment*6 Maximum value rule, 16% rule, mean value rule, standard deviation (1σ, 2σ, 3σ)
Storing measurement condition Max. 10 (calculation display unit)
Print function
(Built-in thermal printer)
Measurement condition/Calculation result/Judgment result/Calculation result per segment/ Tolerance value/Evaluation curve/Graphic curve/Material ratio curve/Profile height amplitude distribution curve/Environmental setting items/Statistical result (Histogram)
Display language 16 languages (Japanese, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Chinese (simplified/traditional), Czech, Polish, Hungarian,Turkish, Swedish, Dutch)
Storage function Built-in memory: Measurement condition (Up to 10)
Memory card (optional): 500 measurement conditions, 10000 measured profiles, 500 display images, 10000 text files, 500 statistical data, 1 backup file of device setting data, 10 data of Trace 10
External I/O functions USB I/F, Digimatic output, RS-232C I/F, Foot switch I/F
Power supply Battery
Charging time/Endurance
Built-in battery (rechargeable Ni-MH battery)/AC adapter
Charging time of the built-in battery: about 4 hours (may vary due to ambient temperature) Endurance: about 1000 measurements (differs slightly due to use conditions/environment)
Max. power consumption 50 W
External dimensions (W×D×H) Calculation display unit 275×198×109 mm
Up/down inclination unit 130.9×63×99 mm
Drive unit 128×35.8×46.6 mm 154.5×35.8×46.6 mm
Mass Calculation display unit 1.7 kg
Up/down inclination unit 0.4 kg
Drive unit 0.6 kg 0.64 kg
Standard Accessories Detector*7/Standard stylus*8
178-601: Roughness specimen (Ra3 μm)
270732: Receipt paper (Standard type: 5-roll set)
12BAL402: Protective sheet for the LCD (×1 sheet)
12BAR507: Touch pen
12AAN041: Carrying case
AC adapter, Power cable, Flat-blade screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, Hex wrench, Strap for the touch pen, Operation manual, One-sheet manual, Warranty card

*1 Calculation is available only when selecting the VDA, ANSI, or JIS 1982 standards.
*2 Calculation is available only when selecting the ISO 1997 standard.
*3 Calculation is available only when selecting the JIS 2001 standard.
*4 Calculation is available only when selecting the ANSI standard.
*5 Not available when selecting the JIS 1982 standard.
*6 Only the mean value rule is available for the ANSI standard. 16% rule is not available when selecting the VDA standard.
*7 Depending on the Order No. of the SJ-410 Series main unit, 178-396 (0.75 mN) or 178-397 (4 mN) is provided as standard.
*8 Standard stylus (12AAC731 or 12AAB403) supporting the provided detector is provided as standard.


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