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MX 300 (F) Fluorescence Binocular Microscope | MicroOptix by Muser

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MX 300 (F) Fluorescence Binocular Microscope | MicroOptix by Muser Biological Microscopes MicroOptix

MicroOptix MX 300 (F) Fluorescence Binocular Microscope
Code: 09.0301.02
  • Fluorescence microscope with ICO Infinitive optics
  • Ergonomical modern design
  • Quintuple reverse-angle ball-bearing nosepiece
  • 5 objectives s-plan achromat: 4žš/0,10, 10žš/0,25, 20žš/0,40, 40žš/0,65, 100žš/1,25 (oil)
  • Fluorescence attachment
  • Fluorescence illumination system 100 W
  • Double layer specimen stage
  • Optical system provided with Anti-Fungus treatment
  • Perfect microscope for fluorescence
Technical Specifications

Magnification Up to 2000x
Head • Infinitive compensation binocular head,
• 360° rotatable, 30° inclined, ±5 D, interpupillary distance 55–75 mm
Eyepiece WF 10x/18 mm widefield
Microscope body Sturdy metallic base 300x300 mm with supportive rubber feet
Nosepiece Quintuple reverse-angle nosepiece
Objectives Plan achromat ICO Infinitive objectives: 4x/0.10, 10x/0.25, 20x/0.40, 40x/0.65 (spring loaded), 100x/1.25 (spring loaded, oil)
Stage Double layer mechanical specimen stage, right handed, 135x140 mm
Abbe condenser Height adjustable, nA 1.25, with integrated iris diaphragm and filter tray
Focusing • Coaxial coarse and fine focus controls
• Stage focus control (protection of sample)
• Tension adjustment
Collector Koehler illumination with lens, field iris diaphragm and centering mechanism
Light source LED 12 V, 3 W, adjustable
Power supply Built-in, 220 V, 50 Hz
Fuses 250 V, 2 A
Temperature, humidity condition 18–35 °C, less than 85 %
Size, weight 300 x 300 x 390 mm, 7 kg
Fluorescence attachment • For different methods of fluorescence analysis in microscopy
• Exciting light: 350–550 nm
• Fluorescence: 420–650 nm
• The light-filter system of main body: 2 exciting filters, double direction dichroic mirror, 2 cut-off filters
• Filter blocks: V (blue), G (green), O (transmitted light)
• Exciting filters (EX): (V) EX490, (G) EX545
• Bidirectional dichroic mirror: DM510, DM580
• Cut-off filters (VA): VA530, VA590
• Protective screen
• HBO 100 W mercury lamp
• Power supply 220 V, 50 Hz


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