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T1XD GO USB Temp Data Logger | Emerson by Muser

MAPIL Hand-Held Plug-In Lance | Sterling Sensors by Muser

DPP-X Digital Portable Pyrometer | Sterling Sensors by Muser

Testo 110 (0563 0110) NTC and Pt100 Temperature Measuring Instrument with App Connection

RM 384.00Add to CartRM 753.00Add to Cart

Testo 925 (0563 0925) Temperature Measuring Instrument for TC Type K with App Connection

Testo 922 (0563 0922) Differential Temperature Measuring Instrument for TC Type K with App Connection

RF614 WiFi Thermocouple Transmitter | Comark by Muser

11089-01 FlashCheck Needle Probe Thermometer | DeltaTrak by Muser

RM 693.00Add to CartRM 908.00Add to CartRM 159.00Add to Cart

11036 FlashCheck Lollipop Waterproof Min/Max Digital Thermometer w/105mm Probe | DeltaTrak by Muser

TP1XD GO USB Probe Data Logger | Emerson by Muser

Testo 106 Food Thermometer

Testo Smart Probes HVAC/R Ultimate Kit

RM 189.00Add to CartRM 714.00Add to CartRM 295.00Add to CartRM 6,237.00Add to Cart

Testo 915i Thermometer with Surface Probe & Smartphone Operation

Testo 915i Temperature Kit with Smartphone Operation

testo 915i Thermometer with Flexible Probe and Smartphone Operation

Comark PRO3 General Purpose Air Probe

RM 645.00Add to CartRM 1,040.00Add to CartRM 319.00Add to Cart

Comark AK27M General Purpose Air Probe

Testo 0602 0646 Type K Temperature Sensor (PTFE)

Testo 0603 0646 Flexible Oven Probe

Testo 0603 1293 Waterproof Standard Immersion/Penetration Probe (TC Type T)

RM 419.00Add to CartRM 203.00Add to CartRM 293.00Add to CartRM 304.00Add to Cart

Testo 0602 5792 Immersion Measuring Tip (TC Plug Type K)

Testo 0610 1725 Temperature Probe With A Long Cable (NTC)

Testo 0613 3311 Waterproof Stainless Steel Food Probe

Testo 0613 1053 200mm Long Measurement Tip for Testo 105

RM 197.00Add to CartRM 496.00Add to CartRM 867.00Add to Cart
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